Zoë Kravitz files for divorce from husband Karl Glusman after 18 months of marriage

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2020 was a such a difficult first year for a marriage. All of this Covid-19 close proximity strains even more mature relationships. I don’t think they had a chance, their relationship was artificially constrained by all of the time they had to spend together during the pandemic.

They’re both actors, they can’t work due to Covid, they can’t go on trips due to Covid, they’re forced to be in constant proximity to each other, they’re maybe having financial issues…

Of course they broke up. I don’t think they ever really had a chance in this environment.

Hell, I’ve been married 20 years and I love my husband, but he’s a software engineer and I’m working data. During the work day, we don’t have to see each other unless I’m throwing food at him (we call it “lunch”).

If we were both actors, with all the Covid 19 stressors (money, kids education, WFH, health worries), he’d be dead by now.

Because I would have killed him.

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