Zendaya learned small talk after people mistook shyness for being ‘cold’


Zendaya had to learn small talk when she was growing up in the film industry because people mistook shyness for being “cold”.



The 24-year-old actress – who was first launched into the spotlight as a teenager in Disney’s ‘Shake It Up’ – has revealed her stylist told her that people saw he as “mean” because she didn’t really talk, but she was actually “too nervous” to strike up a conversation.

She told GQ magazine: “In this industry, I had to learn how to do small talk and stuff, because I guess I would kind of come off cold to people because I didn’t really know how to start conversation.

“I remember my stylist was like, ‘You come off kind of cold. People think you’re mean because you don’t talk,’ when really I just was too nervous.”

Meanwhile, Zendaya loves hanging out with her friends, especially when she needs to relax and unwind properly.

Asked the secret to taking care of yourself, she previously said: “Honestly, just keep it simple. Having a night in with the girls and pampering yourself, or just having a movie night with your favourite dinner. The simple things can be the best.”

And when it comes to supporting her friends through the tough times, the ‘Greatest Showman’ star does her best to be there when they need her and accepts that there are some things she can’t make better.

She previously advised: “You can’t make every situation better as some things are out of your control. But when your friends are going through a rough time you can check up on them, tell them you love them, hang out and have fun with them – all these things are in your control.”

Zendaya also believes it is important to be kind to everyone, not just friends and family members.

She said: “We never know what people might be going through so it’s so important to be kind to everybody, not just those people in life we care about. Words are so important – just a few kind words can change a person’s day.”

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