Zach Braff Shares Sweet Birthday Message to Girlfriend Florence Pugh After Romance Backlash

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“I’ve always found it funny, how I can be good enough for people to watch my work, and support my work, and pay for tickets, and I’m old enough to be an adult and pay taxes, but I’m not old enough to know who I should and should not have sex with,” she said on the July 2020 podcast episode of Sue Perkins: An Hour of So With.

“Once again, [it’s] making a young woman feel like s–t for no reason,” she went on. “I think I did feel s–t for awhile about admitting that, and then I thought, ‘How ridiculous is that?’ I’m 24 and I can’t choose who I love?… There’s a reason why I’m not with someone my age—It hasn’t worked. So who are you trying to match me up with?”

Although Florence understands why people are interested in her personal life, she admitted that it still feels strange to have strangers criticize her romance.

“People want to have a say on who you go out with, where you go to lunch. And I think for me, I’ve just always found that part of this life—even when I grew up watching actresses—I’ve always found that weird how people have a say over your private life,” she expressed. “The fact is I’m not a reality TV star, I don’t let people into my life like that.”

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