Youtuber-Turned-Housewife Homegirl LaToya Ali Made Her RHOA Debut & The Reviews Were Very Mixed


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After months of messy shenanigans and fan anticipation, popular Youtuber-turned-reality star LaToya Ali made her shade-filled debut on RHOA that immediately divided fans who either liked her spicy sass or thought she was trying too hard.

Introduced as a friend of Peach-holding Housewife Kandi, the gorgeous newbie got off to a shady start and even ruffled a few feathers when she shaded Drew Sidora‘s wig in one of her first scenes on the show.

Her long-awaited debut comes months after an awkward exchange with ex-hubby Adam Ali on IG Live when he argued that his ex-wife was a “problem” and a “bad” woman in front of thousands of people viewing the stream.

The Ali’s still share the same living quarters despite being separated, which LaToya described as “toxic.”

This seemed to play out accidentally while she live-streamed their argument. If you missed it, here’s what went down:

LaToya spoke to fans in the downstairs portion of the home she shares with her estranged husband, he called her from upstairs to “ask her a question.”

Instead of hanging up, LaToya brought the phone and 2,500 live viewers with her and things got weird:

LaToya: When’s the last time you romanced me?

Adam: This is not the platform for this. What is the point of all of this? They know the truth, who the troublemaker is.

LaToya: What they do know is you’re not affectionate with me, in all of the vlogs. The last time you were affectionate with me was the gender reveal for Aya…

Adam: Do you really want me to put your place in front of, how many people in here, 2,500?

LaToya: Sure.

Adam: Woke man don’t leave good woman.

LaToya: Woke man don’t leave good woman? So I’m a good woman…cuz you don’t wanna leave me.

Adam: The world knows, you know it like I know it .I don’t do these fake sh*ts. Don’t play dumb dumb with me.

The live stream was deleted but you can peep a screen recording below.

[embedded content]

Earlier this year, LaToya announced that she would be calling it quits with her husband of 9 years which, of course, was rumored to be a potential storyline on RHOA.

As of right now, the verdict on the spicy baddie is still out but it’s clear she gets the people going.

What was your first impression of LaToya? Do you think she fits on the show? Tell us down and peep the loud Twitter chitter over the RHOA newbie on the flip.

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