Why Is The Bachelor So Obsessed With Bullying Instead of How Funny Matt James Is?

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If you’re only watching Bachelor star Matt James on Monday nights on ABC and not on any other social media platform, you’re missing out.

The man’s an expert at thirst traps, workout videos, show promotion and Frozone jokes, but the place where Matt really and unexpectedly shines is TikTok, where he puts together weekly “charchutary” boards in an effort to get better at making charchutary (known by some as “charcuterie”) boards.

Instead of fancy cheeses, meats and crackers, Matt’s boards consist of pizza Lunchables, Oreos, pita chips, hummus, Teddy Grahams (“You gotta get the black and white in there ’cause we’re inclusive”), Bagel Bites, Pizza Rolls, dino nuggets, Uncrustables, no raisins ever and, most recently, a giant cookie cake that says “Learn to kiss with your eyes closed” surrounded by snack cakes.

When Matt’s creations show up on our For You Page, we almost always have to watch twice. We spend one viewing going, “Is this really Matt James, from The Bachelor?!” We then spend the second viewing really taking it all in—the placement of the dino nugget with one foot in the Uncrustable, the way he pronounces “aesthetic,” and the level of pride he takes in his work.

If you’re not watching Matt on TikTok, you’re missing out, and that’s what we can’t get over.

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