Why David Arquette Feels He Owes an Apology to His and Courteney Cox’s Daughter

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David Arquette believes he owes his 16-year-old daughter Coco Arquette with ex-wife Courteney Cox an apology.

In a new Q&A interview with The Guardian, the actor and wrestler got candid about who he feels he owes the biggest apology to, writing that it was Coco due to the fact that “divorce is so difficult.”

The Never Been Kissed star met Courteney on the set of their film Scream in 1996 and married three years later in 1999. They split up in 2010 and finalized their divorce in 2013 after initially telling the press that they hoped to work on the marriage. The former spouses, who are still amicable, will reprise their roles as married couple Dewey and Gale in the upcoming fifth installment of the horror franchise, which heads to theaters in January 2022.

While David and Courteney are friendly now, the Friends alum also spoke about how the divorce affected Coco in a 2014 interview with More. Courteney told the outlet, “Obviously, kids always want their parents to be together. But as divorces go, this is the best one we could provide.”

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