Who Is WandaVision’s Big Upcoming Guest Star?

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Something big is coming to WandaVision.

We already knew that, of course, and some big things have already come thanks to last week’s episode that revealed the nature of Wanda’s sitcom bubble and what’s going on outside of it. But there’s more on the horizon, and the question is what…or who?

In a new interview with TVLine, star Elizabeth Olsen was asked if WandaVision would feature something akin to Mark Hamill showing up as Luke Skywalker in season two of The Mandalorian. Olsen said “Yes” and that she’s “really excited” for people to see it.

That quote reminded us of what Paul Bettany told E! News when we talked to him before WandaVision premiered. When we asked which decade he liked exploring the most, this is what he said:

“My answer’s going to be very leading and it’s unfortunate because you haven’t been able to see the entire series, but there’s stuff that happens later on when we have caught up with time that I love equally. There’s a huge reveal with an actor that I’ve always wanted to work with, and I have some real explosive scenes with him…there’s stuff later on. But I will say that the magic show in episode two was really fun.”

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