Update Your Arm Candy With 2021’s Top Jewelry Trends

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This is not the first time I’m saying this, so if you haven’t paid attention yet, take notes: 2021 will be the year of over-accessorizing. Don’t freak, I mean it in a good way, and the top 2021 jewelry trends are proof. After staying in and lounging in sweats and slippers for most of 2020, many of us are ready to dress to the nines in the new year, even if we’re still social distancing and wearing our masks. When we do go out in public, we want to look our best!

You know all those earrings and necklaces you impulse-purchased while home waiting for the world to restart? You’re in luck, because many of 2020’s jewelry trends are rolling over into the new year. We didn’t get a chance to wear them, and there’s no way in hell we’re letting them go to waste! I was sure 2020 would be the year of silver trumping gold, but it looks like that’ll be a 2021 reality, because I’m still seeing gold chains all over Instagram. Ladies, silver is the future! Layer up!

Along with silver, pearls will still be trending, but more unique, freshwater shapes and cool jewelry silhouettes will be most desirable. Say goodbye to perfectly-rounded pearls and classic strand necklaces! If you are all about the classics, though, you’ll be happy to know pendant necklaces and charm bracelets are in, and personally, I’m ready to rock both. Maybe even at the same time. Maximalism, y’all!

Last but not least, beautiful beads will be everywhere, from thin, flat and neutral to big, bold and round. That’s right, folks—we’re bringing arm candy back. Read on for the top 2021 jewelry trends as mentioned above, and if you’re still looking to shop, consider adding the below options to your cart.

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2021 jewelry trends mejuriSTYLECASTER | 2021 jewelry trends

Courtesy of Mejuri.


This is the trend that fashion keeps pushing and society refuses to accept, but I swear by 2021 we’ll all be Team Silver. whether we like it or not. Sorry, gold chains, but it’s time you took a step back and let your silvery sisters (like these Mejuri earrings!) shine.

2021 jewelry trends shashiSTYLECASTER | 2021 jewelry trends

Courtesy of Shashi.

If you can’t commit to a full silver aesthetic just yet, ease your way in by mixing metals. Start small with a simple silver ring worn alongside your gold bands, and slowly but surely, you’ll become a fan.

2021 jewelry trends shashi2STYLECASTER | 2021 jewelry trends

Courtesy of Shashi.


From bulbous to beachy, beaded earrings, necklaces and bracelets are set to steal the show in 2021. These beautiful rainbow, turqoise and gold beaded bracelets are total layering essentials.

2021 jewelry trends panaceaSTYLECASTER | 2021 jewelry trends

Courtesy of Panacea.

Remember when arm candy was a thing? It’s back, baby, and chunky beaded sets like this stone duo from Panacea are must-haves for curating a cool-girl stack.

Pendants & Charms

2021 jewelry trends missomaSTYLECASTER | 2021 jewelry trends

Courtesy of Missoma.

Pendant necklaces and charm bracelets were meant to be big in 2020, but seeing as no one was really leaving the house, a lot of accessory trends from last year are rolling over into 2021. Personally, I’m all for it

2021 jewelry trends maison iremSTYLECASTER | jewelry trends 2021

Courtesy of Maison Irem.

I’m an especially big fan of personalized pendants; call it a residual passion from my high school prepster days, when all I wanted was an acetate monogram necklace. This Maison Irem Gothic Initial Necklace is a much, much cooler upgrade.


2021 jewelry trends shashi3STYLECASTER | 2021 jewelry trends

Courtesy of Shashi.

Pearls have been in for a while now, but skip the classic strand and go for more unique styles. Whether the piece itself is the statement, like this Shashi necklace, or the shape of the pearl (freshwater > perfectly rounded!), play up your pearls in a new way and fall in love with this classic look all over again.

2021 jewelry trends theia jewelrySTYLECASTER | 2021 jewelry trends

Courtesy of Theia Jewelry.

If you really do prefer a rounded, ~perfect~ pearl, and least shy away from simple studs. Go for a more unique drop earring, like this pair by Theia Jewelry.

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