Tuesday Fast Five With Tanner Novlan


What is your favorite part of the day? “Getting into bed at the end of the day because everything is done; the emails are off, and you get to watch something good. I love that part of the day. It’s like, ‘We made it!’ That’s a great feeling.”

What monument would you love to visit? “I’ve never been to the pyramids in Egypt. That would be amazing.”

How do you prefer to shop for groceries: In-store, online or have someone else do it? “I like shopping for groceries. I’m the aisle wanderer. I go up and down every single one. I’m like, ‘This looks good. I’m going to try this.’ ”

What is your favorite movie quote? “Anything from Dumb And Dumber because that movie is full of them. I could recite any of them, but there are just too many to list.”

What song do you love to sing along to? “Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Thunder Road’ or ‘Born To Run.’ It’s a toss-up.”

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