Trump’s ‘Spiritual Adviser’ Paula White Delivers CRAZIEST Prayer Ever, Sparks Hilarious Memes



Look, the last thing anyone needed during this super stressful Election Week is some crazy televangelist lady screaming in tongues while calling for African angels to swoop down and deliver Trump a second Presidential term, but it happened, and sparked all sorts of hilarious shenanigans across social media.

The now viral video originated on Right Wing Watch–an outlet that “monitors and exposes the activities of Radical Right political organizations”–where millions watched White “leading an impassioned prayer service in an effort to secure Trump’s re-election.”

In the video, White appears to completely lose her mind while pounding the air with her fist.

“Strike, strike, strike until you have victory, for every enemy that is aligned against you, let there be that we would strike the ground for you will give us victory, God.

“I hear a sound of an abundance of rain, I hear a sound of victory, I hear a sound of shouting and singing, I hear a sound of victory.”

At one point, she catches some form of bizarro Holy spirit and speaks in tongues in a hilarious/disturbing moment you absolutely have to see to believe.

“For angels are being released right now, angels are being dispatched right now, [speaks in tongues] for angels have even been dispatched from Africa right now, Africa right now, Africa right now, they’re coming here, they’re coming here in the name of Jesus, from South America, they’re coming here…”

Naturally, this sparked a wave of must-see memes/remixes that will definitely make you laugh to keep from stressing over this never-ending election saga.

Thoughts on Paula’s batsh*t crazy prayer? Did the spirit move through you? Tell us in the comments and peep the Twitter hysteria/hilarious memes on the flip.

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