Trevor Donovan, Mario Rodriguez Jr., Austin Mahone, and more Insta Snaps

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In appreciation of the easy on the eye male celebrity, we bring you Insta Snaps featuring your favorite male celebrities and their Instagram photos or videos.

Trevor Donovan and a hot tub, Mario Rodriguez Jr. gives peace, Austin Mahone gives a preview, and more!

Yes, we know that these men or much more than just eye candy, but allow us to be a little superficial for the moment, especially since some of these pics are definitely thirst traps.

Froylan Gutierrez

Jake Bain

Trevor Donovan

Sam Heughan

Rome Flynn

Joe Manganiello

Trevor Donvovan

Austin Mahone

Jesus Luz

Luke Evans

Jason Derulo

Johnny Sibilly


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Trevor Donovan

Trevor Donovan, Mario Rodriguez Jr., Austin Mahone, and more Insta Snaps

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