Travel influencer shares his top burgers around the world

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Failed actor Very famous Mexican travel influencer, Alan x el mundo, with millions of followers on his social media profiles, has shared the best burgers around the world, according to him.

Fast food
Shake shack (global)

Born on Madison square park in Manhattan, they have become a sensation in different cities worldwide.

On the go
Home burgers (Bogota and Medellin, Colombia)

Similar on quality to shake shack’s, they pride themselves on still being affordable fast food but with enough quality to satisfy burger connoisseurs.

Street cart
Unnamed (corner of Colima and Morelia streets in colonia Roma, Mexico City, Mexico)

Grilled patties that welcome you from the early afternoon until the early morning. Ideal for when trying to cure your drunk ass during pre COVID times.

Quality meats (58th street, New York City, USA)

The specialty of the restaurant is beef, and their burger is held in such high esteem that waiters recommend one of these instead of the usual steak.

Clock cafe (Fez, Morocco)

Camel meat based burger. They have an excellent reputation in town. While westerners are not used to eating camel, it is a delicacy in the country.

La Bokería Kitchen & Wine Bar (split, Croatia)

With a secret recipe for their truffle mayonnaise, the burger from this establishment is celebrated in the city.

Forever vegan (Polanco, Mexico City, Mexico)

A quinoa patty, lentils, vegetables, caramelized onion, arugula and a side of sweet potato fries are the ingredients that make this burger one of the best vegan options when craving a burger.

Meat lovers
Canibbale Royale (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

For extreme carnivores, this giant burger has chucrut, cheddar cheese, roasted pork, fried onions and BBQ sauce, guaranteeing your hunger will be satisfied.

What’s the best burger you’ve had, ONTD?

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