The View: Pete Buttigieg, George Lopez, Hot Topics


Panel is Joy, Sunny, Sara, Meghan, Ana

Meghan is the worst. Again.

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Hot Topic ? I’m Your Biggest Fan, I Trust In Everything You Tell Me, Doctor, Doctor Fauci

/to the tune of Lady Gaga Paparazzi/ per viral twitter video

Joy starts off with the noticeable glee from Dr Fauci being able to speak freely about science and facts even if it’s not always great news or if new info comes to light that changes course. The panel is thrilled to have adults in charge again and talk about all the obstacles to overcome to get us on track. MAM has a rant, claims she was PREGNANT™ and lied to (?) about masks, so she gave her masks away (narrator: she didn’t give away her masks), and repeating ridiculous Faux News press conf question why did Biden issue a mask mandate on federal property but his own family walked with him after inauguration without masks, and Biden did a brief message during the night time concert where he’s clearly far away from the camera person at Lincoln Memorial. [Because they’re of the same family and quarantined together in advance. Why is she the fucking worst. Remember that time she tweeted that NYC was a war zone when she was actually chilling on some farm down in VA?] Sunny goes back to the dereliction of noname admin.

Children are calling the covid vaxx the Fauci Ouchy and that is just the cutest!

Hot Topic Pete Buttigieg

First segment
Inauguration talk. Impeachment talk re/Senate conviction. MAM blames Democrats for National Guard sent to Senate parking lot with only one bathroom. Narrator: Democrats were not to blame, wtf is wrong with her, Congress doesn’t decide where the NG go, it was a DC Capitol police blunder. Insurrection mentality talk. Unity doesn’t mean you split the difference, or unify with conspiracy theorists. You unify by actions, delivering policies to Americans that most want, which by default may dampen the rhetoric. Yes he’ll keep going on Fox (lbr he clocks them every time).

Second segment
Biden has most diverse nominated Cabinet in history. Tells a story about a gay Ambassador nominated by Clinton who wasn’t even given a vote by Senate. Mayor Pete talked to that guy, and the historical narrative to now him (expected to be) confirmed. Climate change re/Transportation.

Hot Topic George Lopez

Promoting film No Man’s Land. Laughs about gaining weight for film. Previously told a joke that caught Secret Service attention. Muted MAM fjdklsjkle. GL met Kamala’s mother back in the day, tells stories. GL and Ana worked to get out Latin vote, talks about Biden actions since inauguration. Biden has César Chávez bust in Oval Office. Talks making peace with his ex-wife, also prompted by Ana. Film talk, serious role, explains plot and his take. Recreated on TikTok the iconic slo-mo opening of his George Lopez show, not sure about re-boot. Talks his bra size due to weight change.

Hot Topic Second Gentleman

@SecondGentleman is the official name and account. Doug seems like a cool guy. Ana talks about his law firm career before Kamala, gave it up (tho he will be teaching law at Georgetown). Muted MAM jfkdlsjoiejekld who makes EVERYTHINGABOUTHER™. Kamala recently revealed she Googled Doug back when they first met, Sara loves their relationship. Uses poor choice of words (whew) to explain how modern marriages are a partnership. Sunny says the same but in a more appropriate way. Her husband spent time with Doug a few summers ago.

FFA Politics
? per NYT Friday noname wanted to fire acting AG and install his own sycophant at DOJ to overturn election results
? per WSJ Saturday noname had lawyers submit to SCOTUS to overrule election but even Beer Bong Brett and Amy Handmaid Barrett said Lol No

Ontd first weekend of Biden admin = 0 golf + 0 crazy tweets!

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