The Cambridges adopted a new puppy before their 9-year-old dog Lupo passed away



Back in November, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge announced that their beloved dog Lupo had passed away. Lupo was given to William and Kate in 2012, when he was just a puppy, by Kate’s brother James Middleton. James is a huge dog lover, and he seems to have a side business breeding cocker spaniels. Lupo was the son of James’ dog Ella, and James kept Lupo’s sister Luna. Well, last year, James bred Luna and she had a litter of puppies, and now it looks like William and Kate – and the kids – had already picked out a puppy from Luna’s litter. They welcomed the new puppy into their home before Lupo passed away.

They were devastated by the death of their dog Lupo two months ago, but the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and their three children are now ‘besotted’ by a new cocker spaniel. The eight-month-old black puppy was a gift from the Duchess’s brother James Middleton and arrived at Anmer Hall, the family’s home in Norfolk, before Lupo died.

‘The new puppy is adorable and the whole family are besotted,’ a friend told The Mail on Sunday. ‘They were devastated when Lupo passed away, as any dog owner will understand, but got the new puppy before he died. It was hoped that a younger dog would give Lupo some company and give him a little more life and energy.’

The family will no doubt be hoping the new arrival has the same sweet nature as Lupo, who was its uncle. Mr Middleton, 33, originally bred a litter of puppies from his dog Ella in 2011. He kept one called Luna but gave brother Lupo to Kate in early 2012 when Prince William, then an RAF search-and-rescue pilot, was deployed to the Falklands.

Last summer, Mr Middleton, who was staying with his parents at their Berkshire home, bred another litter of six puppies with Luna as their mother. It is understood Kate and William had the pick of the litter, helped by Prince George, seven, and Charlotte, five. Two-year-old Louis was probably too young to help.

Royal aides have not yet confirmed the name the family have given to their new pet. When the litter was born, James and his fiancee Alizee Thevenet, 31, posted pictures on Instagram of themselves with the six puppies, his other spaniels Ella, Inca, Luna and Zulu plus golden retriever Mabel.

[From The Daily Mail]

“It was hoped that a younger dog would give Lupo some company and give him a little more life and energy.” I’ve only had overlapping dogs once in my life and that was not my experience at all. If anything, the older dog spends his last days angry at his family for bringing the young whippersnapper into the fold. Now, it sort of works with cats? You can overlap an old cat with a kitten and most likely, the older cat will enjoy the younger kitty. But I’m just not sure it works with dogs. Anyway, congrats to the Cambridge fam. While this article doesn’t mention it, Emily Andrews (who wrote this piece) said on Twitter that the new puppy is a girl. Also: I do love the commitment to getting black dogs. Black dogs and black cats are the least likely to be adopted in shelters.



Photos courtesy of Backgrid, Avalon Red, social media.
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