Thank You, Peyton List, For This Coat We Can Ogle


Peyton List, a child actress who has grown up into a Fug Madness contestant and who is not the other Peyton List, currently appears on Cobra Kai and something on Disney called Bunk’d. I have to assume the recently dropped, or is it upcoming, new season of Cobra Kai is why Peyton was snapped wandering around L.A. Nothing is random in Hollywood. I don’t know what the weather there is like right now, but I assume it’s somehow simultaneously not cold enough for a furry leather confection but also not warm enough to be wearing so little underneath the furry leather confection? Then again, that coat looks TOTALLY cute with tights and boots, so I’m going to bless it with an approving nod and focus my attention on her shirt. Or, what we can see of it, anyway.

Celebrity Sightings In Los Angeles - January 09, 2021

That’s not a shirt, that’s repurposed L’eggs, right? Right? Someone dared her to go into a CVS and buy a panty-hose egg and turn the pelvis into a tube top? FREE THE COAT. Or sheesh, at least button it and let us be hoodwinked.

[Photos: Getty]

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