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Consume This, Not That!

The One particular Ingredient Everyone’s Adding to Their Oatmeal

If you have wasted as considerably time on TikTok as I have for the duration of this crazy year, you have possibly noticed a new meals trend that is been all over—baked oatmeal! Though most baked oatmeal recipes on-line are meant to serve numerous persons, these clever baked oat recipes are all produced for a single serving—making the best wholesome breakfast for a single. Immediately after spending numerous hours on this app (and realizing I must, but once again, set a boundary and delete it from my telephone) I realized a typical recipe that persons had been throwing in their baked oats, and that is mashed banana.Though adding a banana in baked oats is not uncommon, normally that a single banana is spread all through six or eight servings. But in these unique baked oat recipes on TikTok, you happen to be finding all of these remarkable overall health positive aspects from consuming a complete banana, all in a single serving bowl of oats! How clever is that?Here’s why you, as well, must get started throwing an complete banana in your oatmeal. Plus, a unique baked oats recipe for you to attempt! And if you happen to be on the hunt for even far more wholesome consuming strategies, be positive to verify out our list of The 7 Healthiest Foods to Consume Suitable Now.Why you must add a banana to your oatmeal.Initial, let’s get started with the nutritional worth of a banana. Bananas are complete of fructose, a all-natural sugar that comes from fruit. By adding it to your baked oats, you are finding a touch of all-natural sweetness devoid of possessing to add any added sugars to your bowl. Let’s get in touch with this win #1.Win #two has to do with the nutritional worth of the banana. If you throw in an typical 7-inch banana into your oatmeal, you happen to be finding 12% of your every day potassium (422 milligrams) and three grams of fiber. Plus, you happen to be finding a generous increase of vitamin C, vitamin B-six, and magnesium. So let’s place it this way, if you happen to be hunting to add anything sweet to your oatmeal, brown sugar can not provide you the very same nutritional worth, you know?And this brings us to win #three: Bananas contain pectin—a water-soluble fiber that can help in your baking. Pectin aids to thicken a substance, therefore why persons enjoy to throw bananas in bread and other baked goods. By adding it to your oatmeal, not only is it sweetening your oatmeal, but it is also thickening it to give it that banana-bread-like texture you enjoy.How you can add bananas to your oatmeal.We shared a clever baked oatmeal recipe more than on TikTok, but we’ll share our recipe for you right here as properly. The essential to the best baked oatmeal is to blend your components ahead of baking. Then when your baked oats come out of the oven, it is like a small mini cake for breakfast—but wholesome! And who would not want to consume cake for breakfast?Right here are the components you are going to want:1/two cup oats1 banana1 egg1/four cup oat milk2 Tbsp honey2 Tbsp peanut butter1 tsp vanilla extract1/two tsp baking powder1/two tsp cinnamonPinch of sea saltTo make the recipe, blend up the components. Pour the mixture into a compact oven-secure dish, then bake at 350 degrees for 22 minutes. Best with additional fruit, and love!Much more Oatmeal Stories on Consume This, Not That!We Just Found The Easiest Healthful Hack for OatmealThe #1 Very best Oatmeal to Consume, According to a DietitianWe Tasted 7 Oatmeals, and This Is the Very best One particular!Surprising Side Effects of Consuming Oatmeal, According to Science7 Methods to Make Oatmeal for a Flat Belly

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