‘Teen Mom OG’ Recap: Maci Bookout Has Super Awkward Sex Speak With Son Bentley, 12


Bentley Edwards was forced to sit by way of a quite awkward sex speak with mom Maci Bookout through the March 9 episode of ‘Teen Mom OG’.

How did we even get right here? Honestly, it feels like just yesterday we had been watching Maci Bookout‘s son Bentley Edwards come into this globe, but now, we’re seeing him study about sex at 12 years old. We guess time flies when you are getting enjoyable watching Teen Mom OG.

Anyway, through the March 9 episode of the MTV reality Television series, Maci, 29, and husband Taylor McKinney, 31, sat down with Bentley for the birds and the bees speak soon after he wondered why the boys and girls had been separated in Bible class. “I know you asked your mom why boys and girls take Bible class separate,” Taylor mentioned, top Maci into the somewhat awkward conversation.

Maci started by asking her son, “So, what do girls have?” He giggled just before saying a “vagina”, and when she asked what boys have, he mentioned “a pecker” just before she corrected him and moved on. “So, a penis goes inside a vagina,” she explained. “Remember when we take about eggs and sperm? So, sperm will come out of a penis and it will meet a female egg.”

Maci Bookout Awkward Sex Talk With Son MTV embed

Bentley then asked how the sperm comes out of a penis, but Maci mentioned some inquiries could wait for him to get a bit older. For now, nonetheless, she continued with the following, “The sperm will meet with the egg and that creates an embryo. And it does not generally function out, but that is why you also will need to use protection. I was 16 when I got pregnant with you”.

“Girls are not gonna be so weird quite quickly,” she told her son. “You’re gonna be like, ‘Oh, that is cute.’ Or boys, what ever you like. It is OK if you do not like boys, I’m just saying if you do, I generally involve that since you can inform us something. It is gonna be OK.”

Taylor also told Bentley that if he hears something from his buddies or in song lyrics and has inquiries about it, he really should ask them so he gets the “right information” rather than misinformation from his classmates.

Meanwhile, Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra had been shocked to study that the owner of Nova‘s daycare is married to a sex offender, so they spent the hour speaking to her about safeguarding herself. They told Nova that she has an invisible bubble about her and she gets to make a decision who she does and does not let into it. In particular soon after she told them that a classmate kissed her with out asking for permission.

Later, Mackenzie McKee struggled with raising her youngsters all by herself in Florida whilst functioning, but she also mentioned she’s not positive regardless of whether she desires Josh to join them or not just but. And Amber Portwood decided to relaunch her clothes line (did everyone even recall she had 1?).

Ultimately, Cheyenne Floyd went to her initial ultrasound appointment, but due to COVID-19, she had to go into the workplace by herself. Nevertheless, her loved ones met up in the parking lot to show her their assistance.

Want additional drama? New episodes of Teen Mom OG air Tuesdays at 8pm on MTV.

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