Sophisticated Container Technologies, Inc. Joins Clean Meals Initiative

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CORONA, Calif. – Sophisticated Container Technologies, Inc. (Ticker: OTC:ACTX) stated it is joining the Clean Meals Initiative, and intends to turn out to be a major force in the drive toward sustainable agriculture.

The Clean Meals Initiative is focused on bringing clean, fresh, wholesome meals to young children all through the planet, that is totally free from pesticides, herbicides, or damaging chemical compounds. Along with the practice of implementing Sustainable Agriculture Systems (SAS), the aim is to create a international meals method that makes use of half the water and half the soil as it does now – however produces twice as a great deal meals.


By way of the use of the company’s GrowPods, ACTX can give farmers, neighborhood groups, investors, and non-profit agencies with a turnkey method to develop ultra-clean and nutritious meals that can not only advantage the ecology of the planet and bolster neighborhood meals safety but can also give new jobs and financial possibilities.

GrowPods are automated indoor micro-farms that can give a sustainable provide of very affordable secure, clean, nutritious meals, when also offering jobs at a neighborhood level by advertising the development of a skilled agricultural workforce in non-regular settings.

Doug Heldoorn, CEO of Sophisticated Container Technologies, Inc., mentioned the company’s objectives are to make agriculture sustainable, investable, manageable, scalable, and transparent.

“There is a substantial distinction in between meeting simple meals needs and meeting optimum nutrition needs,” he mentioned. “People have to have access to higher top quality foods that are wealthy in nutritional worth. Future generations deserve access to a wholesome and sustainable meals provide, not a diet plan filled with preservatives, pesticides or chemical compounds.”

SAS and the Clean Meals Initiative represents one particular of the greatest challenges of the 21st century, as nicely as a tangible investment chance with sound organization development prospects and constant annual revenue generation.

“There are handful of challenges facing mankind that are as huge as our have to have to modify our approaches of meals production and distribution,” Mr. Heldoorn stated. “Fortunately, there are revolutionary options to these challenges, and we are exceptionally proud to be a crucial participant in this agricultural and social evolution.”

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