Song Joong Ki embodies ‘a man who is even tougher than villains’ in Vincenzo’s dominating character poster

To get fans even more excited for the upcoming drama Vincenzo, five character posters were unveiled featuring the talented cast members; Song Joong-ki, Jeon Yeo-bin, 2PM member Taecyeon, Kim Yeo-jin and Kwak Dong-yeon.

Song Joong Ki embodies ‘a man who is even tougher than villains’ in Vincenzo’s dominating character poster

A new month indicates new dramas to look forward to and amongst the many which premiere in February, we have Song Joong-ki starrer Vincenzo. The upcoming tvN drama sees the Hallyu star playing Vincenzo Cassano, a lawyer and Italian Mafia consigliere of the Korean descent. Vincenzo is forced to return back to Korea due to a conflict within his organisation and encounters Hong Cha-young (Jeon Yeo-bin), a sharp-tongued lawyer.

The duo then teams up to take down villains using villainous methods as they can’t be touched by the law. Along with Joong-ki and Yeo-bin, we have 2PM member Taecyeon playing Jang Joon-woo, Cha-young’s intern. For every anti-hero, there needs to be a villain and Vincenzo comes packing with not one, not two but three dangerous enemies. Kim Yeo-jin plays Choi Myung-hee, a heartless lawyer, Jang Han-seo, Babel Group’s President and Han Seung-hyuk, Woosang law firm’s head, where Cha-young and Joon-woo work.

As we’re just a while away from Vincenzo’s premiere, the makers unveiled five intriguing character posters featuring the talented cast. In the intricate black and white posters, Joong-gi, Yeo-bin, Taecyeon, Yeo-jin and Dong-yeon strike intimidating poses in formal attires and have customised captions which give us a glimpse into their character’s fierce personality traits.

“A man who is even tougher than villains! The cold-hearted Mafia consigliere,” Joong-ki’s poster reads, via Soompi, while Yeo-bin’s poster reads, “The tongue of a devil and the obsession of a witch! The tenacious lawyer who wants to win at all costs.” Taecyeon’s poster reads, “Straight ahead in work and love! The innocent and handsome intern,” while Yeo-jin’s poster reads, “The real master of this place! A viper without blood or tears.” Finally, Dong-yeon’s poster reads, “The leader of [Babel] Group with a crazy side! A villain with an obsession with winning.”

Check out Vincenzo’s dominating character posters below:

We’re loving the multifaceted outlook at Vincenzo’s characters who draw a thin line between the good and bad guys!

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Vincenzo premieres on February 20.

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