‘SNL’: Adele Turns ‘The Bachelor’ Into A Mini Concert, Then Becomes First Contestant To Get The Boot

Adele SNL 4
Adele SNL

Adele made her Saturday Night Live hosting debut tonight, but instead of bringing her musical talent to the Studio 8H stage, the Grammy-winning singer brought it to The Bachelor mansion.

In a skit inspired by the ABC dating series, Adele joined a number of cast members a potential matches for Beck Bennett’s bachelor.

“I’m here because I’ve had a lot of heartbreak in my life. First at 19, then famously at 21 then even more famously at 25,” the singer said referring to her three albums.

Impressing the bachelor to attract him isn’t too different from what happens in the real ABC series, but during the SNL skit, Adele took it to a whole different level. Any chance she got, the vocalist burst into song, performing any of her top-charting hits. (The musical guest tonight was H.E.R.; Adele explained during her monologue her album wasn’t ready yet.)

When she felt that the bachelor’s eyes were on someone else, Adele began her numbers including “Someone Like You” and “Rolling in the Deep.” However, her musical numbers also came in handy for intimate moments with Bennett’s bachelor.

“This is a talking show,” the bachelor had to remind Adele, after she turned a compliment into a performance of “When We Were Young.”

“Oh yes, I forgot about that,” she replied.

While her singing chops might have surpassed those of her fellow competitors, Adele’s inability to stay in her lane eventually got her the boot. However, before leaving the show, the singer refused to go silently – resuming her “Someone Like You” performance right where it left off.

“Thank you everyone,” she says to the SNL audience and her fellow The Bachelor contestants. “Catch me next week on Love Island.” Watch the video above.

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