‘Sex and the City’ Trash, Jason Lewis, Apologizes for Abusing Cats


A follow-up to this post. Actor Jason Lewis, who played Samantha’s boyfriend in Sex and the City got caught shooting rice grains at stray cats. After the video went viral he released this apology:

“Everyone who knows me knows my love of animals, I’ve tried for months to work with a person who is coming into the neighborhood and feeding a large group of feral cats in an effort to relocate them as they have been filling the yards with fleas and waste.I made the wrong choice in shooting rice into the dirt (not toward the cats) to spook with the noise and scare them away. To fellow animal lovers that I disappointed, I’m sorry.”


This apology is so fake. Anyone who was trying to relocate the cats in a humane way would not resort to shooting at them. I actually found this story out through a Southern California Facebook group for rescuing cats and was going to post it to only see I somehow missed it being posted here. Some rescues and fosters in the fb group are banding together to help save them but last I read they still have about 25 cats they need fosters/rescues for.

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