Several Pro-Mask Gayfluencers are being dragged for going to COVID parties in Puerto Vallarta


Doctor Mike who? IG account @GaysOverCovid is calling out several Gay YouTubers and Gay IGers are being called out for telling people to wear masks a few months ago but now they traveled to Puerto Vallarta to be in Gay Circuit Parties with cero protection.

Jake Grez is one of them. He’s a nurse in Chicago and legit cried for people to wear masks…

Not in New Year tho…

Also, his BFF Sam Cushing was there:

Even if he constantly kept telling people to wear a mask:

Nurses everywhere being irresponsible:

Another nurse, Tyler Spelane was also there:

And because Karma is a bitch, they were partying on boats and they started sinking LMAO.

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ONTD, are you partying in Puerto Vallarta?

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