See the Lizzie McGuire Cast, Then and Now

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Hey now, hey now, can you believe it’s been 20 years since we met and fell in love with Lizzie McGuire?!

Yes, you are that old, and yes, it’s totally fine to still be obsessed with the Disney Channel series that made Hilary Duff a star and made every tween in America want a bra.

After making its debut on the Disney Channel in January 2001, Lizzie McGuire quickly became the network’s most successful original series ever and turned Duff into young Hollywood’s tween queen. The series ran for two seasons (in addition to a hit movie) before ending its 65-episode run in 2004…though Disney intended to keep the franchise going far much longer, with plans for another movie and two follow-up shows. (Check out the story about those failed projects.)

And in 2019, Disney+ was set to revive Lizzie McGuire with many of the original series’ star reprising their role, but, unfortunately, the reboot was ultimately scrapped.

The sad news came after reports of behind-the-scenes tension, including the abrupt departure of Terri Minsky, the original creator and showrunner, shortly after production began. Duff, who was set to star and serve as an executive producer, later alluded to Disney having an issue with the adult material in the show.

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