Ryan Reynolds Sends Parkas To Nunavut School In Need Of Winter Wear

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By Corey Atad.

2 mins ago

Ryan Reynolds is helping kids out in Canada’s North.

According to CTV News, the Canadian actor has partnered with Canada Goose to send parkas to the more than 300 students at the Inuujaq School in Arctic Bay, Nunavut.

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Reynolds also sent footwear Baffin donated by to the students, saying in a statement that he took action after learning the students at the school did not have season-appropriate attire.

“It highlights a larger issue of basic needs going unmet in Canada’s northern communities,” he said. “I reached out to Canada Goose to match me in providing these students with essential winter gear. They not only said yes in under 30 seconds but went so far above and beyond matching me. I’m deeply inspired and grateful.”

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Canada Goose added, “Arctic Bay, being one of the most northern hamlets in Nunavut, has seen its access to everyday items greatly reduced, making the need for winter wear more important than ever before.”

The principal of the school, Gregg Durrant, said that the COVID-19 pandemic has increased the difficulty of acquiring access to necessities.

In November, Durrant told CBC News the gear arrived, which required distributing all the new winter gear to 329 students.

“So what we had to do was to take the stuff down into the school gym, because that’s the largest space, single most space we have in the school to handle the volume of stuff that we got. So we basically just lined them out by sizes,” he said.

“hat’s one less thing for me to worry about with regards to being the principal and, you know, supervising these kids. I am very happy that they have comfortable and suitable gear for the climate that they’re living in,” Durrant added.

The students, he said, were thankful for the gear, and he was quick to remind them who was responsible.

“When the students were leaving the gym, because they put on their parkas trying to make sure that whatever gear they were getting were suitable for them in terms of size, they were like, ‘Thank you Gregg! Thank you Gregg!’ I’m like, ‘Yes, it’s thank you, Ryan! Thank you, Ryan!’”

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