Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively Marriage Problems? Here’s What We Know


‘Marriage Misery’

According to an “exclusive scoop” in New Idea, Lively and Reynolds were wallowing in “misery” because “Ryan didn’t give her the female lead in his upcoming rom-com, Shotgun Wedding.” Apparently, Reynolds “isn’t keen to have another dud on his resume.” Reynolds and Lively met on the set of Green Lantern, a notorious bomb that Reynolds himself makes jokes about in Deadpool. He apparently feared a reunion with the mother of his children would result in another theatrical disaster. Gossip Cop pointed out that Lively would, by this logic, be upset that she’s not in Reynolds’s thrillers or blockbusters either, but that wouldn’t fit the narrative. Lively doesn’t need her husband’s help getting work, and he’s come to terms with Green Lantern, so we busted the story.

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