Rupert Grint Recalls “Suffocating” Experience of Filming Harry Potter for an Entire Decade

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1492 Pictures/Entertainment Pictures via ZUMA Press, ANGELA WEISS/AFP via Getty Images

Grint, 32, went on, “It just never ended. Every year, we came back. And it was kind of like Groundhog Day because it was the same sets. It was the same people. But it was great. I loved it.”

He said he’s seen only seen each movie once, except he recently watched the first movie again for a second time.

“It still feels too soon really. I can’t detach myself fully. I can’t face it,” the Servant actor said, noting that even without re-watching them, he can recognize the accomplishments they were. “I’ve got a very different perspective of it now that a long time has passed. I can appreciate what a feat it was.”

Naturally, one of the biggest things that’s shaped his perspective is fatherhood. In May 2020, he and girlfriend Georgia Groome welcomed their daughter, Wednesday G. Grint. He told Shepard, “Now I’ve got a kid. That’s going to be a whole new kind of era,” alluding to someday watching Harry Potter with her.

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