Rob Lowe Reflects On Sobriety: ‘You Have To Want To Do It’

Rob Lowe Today

By Brent Furdyk.

2 hours ago

Rob Lowe is Willie Geist’s virtual guest on this weekend’s “Sunday Sitdown” for “Today”, and he reflected on the wildness of his younger years — and how they ultimately led him to a life of sobriety.

“I was a teen idol, young movie star and an alcoholic [with] a lotta money, and it was a great mix. What could possibly go wrong?” Lowe joked. “But when I was done, I was done.”

He got sober at 26, and admitted he “barely” recognized his Brat Pack-era self. “It is legitimately another lifetime. I’ve been sober way longer than half my life,” he said.

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Experiencing the kind of fame and success at such a young age, he admitted, can be perilous.

“You either come out on the other side of it way, way, way better or way, way, way worse,” Lowe says. The key to moving on from life in the fast lane and embracing sobriety, he explained, is that “you have to want to do it.”

Meanwhile, Lowe also commented on making headlines for claiming he witnessed Prince Harry — his new neighbour in Montecito — with a ponytail.

“I don’t want to stake my long-term credibility as a celebrity stalker,” he told Geist with a laugh. “However, in the glimpse — and it was a glimpse — through the VIP, sexy, smoke-filled glass of the vehicle, I think the dude was wearing a ponytail.”

“So, a big red ponytail in the back?” asked Geist.

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“Well, here’s what it was. Let’s get specific. Let’s go on a deep dive. The man’s got good hair,” Lowe responded.

“His brother may be the [future] king of England, but for my money, Harry’s got something better than his brother: hair,” Lowe joked. “The British paparazzi are all over this one… There’s gonna be [a] $500,000 bounty on the first photo of Harry with a ponytail, or not… And I’m gonna be the bad guy.”

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