rIVerse – BaeBeeBoo MV + dance tutorial


Reading their bio it says they’re a toronto based group that wants to represented the underrepresented, looking at their videos, they’ve been doing a lot of reaction videos but this will be their second album? idk

I found their song on Tiktok and this is probably the closes the West will dive into the kpop influence, the track was produced by by Mirror Boy a korean producer who also produced for groups like GOT7, Astro, etc.

Theres also a bunch of references to kpop in the rap verse-

Annyeong haseyo
Bump Tony Yayo
Goodie-good girl gone bad
Me say day-o
So seductive, yeah yuh wan’ come home an’
Watch me Tik Tok, pop drop, lip lock
It’s a girl crush concept ting, ya dig?
Hit you wit’ a Love Shot, call me Billy The Kid
Tun off ya Snapchat bwoy
Come ‘n’ get ya cookie
2NE1 and over shit
You ain’t dealin’ wit a rookie
Post up

Theres also some dance practice/tutorial videos

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