Prince Harry And Prince William’s Relationship Is ‘Much Better Than It Was’

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By Becca Longmire.

43 mins ago

Like most others, 2020 has been an eventful year for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

The pair officially stepped down as senior members of the royal family on March 31, before dealing with a high-profile court case against a British tabloid, as well as a heartbreaking miscarriage over the summer.

However, a Vanity Fair piece on the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s year confirmed they have lots to look forward to in 2021, as well as revealing Harry and his brother Prince William’s relationship is now “much better than it was” following previous claims stating they hadn’t been seeing eye-to-eye.

The report revealed the brothers have been in regular contact, with the Sussexes sending Christmas gifts to the Cambridge family.

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“I have no doubt they will be video calling each other over Christmas,” a friend told the publication.

A friend of the couple’s also said of the past 12 months, “It’s been a big year for sure and one that has been a rollercoaster. 2020 has seen them leave the royal family, leave Britain and move to L.A. to their dream home where they are finally able to lay down new roots.”

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Harry and Meghan, who announced their new charitable organization Archewell earlier this year, were reportedly left frustrated by their inability to connect with others face-to-face.

“Covid has had an impact on their work—it has meant that they haven’t been able to be on the ground the way they planned to be,” a friend shared. “They value being able to connect with people in person. That’s why they’ve done various bits of volunteering, some of which were public while some have remained private.”

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“We will see more of them and in a different way to how we saw them as working royals,” said a source of what’s to come. “It will be more in line with who they are and the way they want to operate from now on.”

“I think they are very excited about what’s to come,” added the friend. “There’s so much people didn’t expect them to be able to do, but they are seeing out the year in their new home with Archie with a very significant deal with Netflix under their belts. They actually feel excited about the potential and standing on their own two feet.”

Those close to Harry revealed that despite experiencing moments of homesickness, there’s little he misses about living in the U.K.

“There are certain things he misses, but nothing so much that he regrets moving,” said the friend. “He’s found a kindred spirit in Meghan, they are creating a new life. That’s so very exciting for them both.”

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