PornHub purges all unverified content


As of roughly an hour ago, PornHub has officially removed all unverified content from their site. This has cut the number of videos available on the site by more than half a million. The shocking move is likely a response to a recent piece by The New York Times titled “The Children of PornHub”.

In the piece, several young women and girls describe their experiences being kidnapped, sexually abused and later finding footage of the abuse being streamed on PornHub’s platform. One survivor notes that merely typing in “young Asian” instantly pulls up videos of her abuse.

After SEVERAL years of being criticized by rape and abuse survivors, it appears money talks – Mastercard officially severed ties with the company, blocking their cards from being used to purchase anything from PornHub’s site. The Mastercard decision is suspected to be the real catalyst for PornHub’s sudden change of heart.

Sources: Twitter, CBS News, NYT

Hey mods, not sure if this counts as celebrity news exactly but I know we’ve had posts about PornHub and adult performers in the past so I thought this might foster some interesting discussion.

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