People turning to CBD to deal with 2020 stress


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CBD oil (Cannabidiol). Photo courtesy of MGN,

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MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) — 2020 brought on a new level of stress. Whether dealing with the pandemic, political anxiety, or job changes, many quit their usual ways of coping and started looking for other options.

Maxwell Bailey, manager at Your CBD Store in Macon, says his shop experienced an uptick in customers and orders.

“We’ve definitely seen an increase in our phone orders specifically,” Maxwell explained. “It’s a scary time and a lot of people want to go about being as safe as possible.”

Bailey says his store’s water solubles have the highest sales. He says the shop has seen more people facing anxiety, depression, and new stress.

“It seemed like it’s a new thing every day, with new information coming out. The way information can come across, I feel like it tends to be overwhelming. I feel like that overwhelm created issues that people need help with,” Bailey stated.

However, Dr. Sebastian Montgomery — an internal medicine resident at Coliseum Medical Center — says people need to take caution before they begin this new trend.

“I’m not aware of any significant proof that it works, and I’m also not aware of any huge side effects either,” Dr. Montogmery stated. “You know aside from a few medication problems. People on a medicine called warfarin shouldn’t take it because it can increase your dose of warfarin and cause bleeding, and generally people with a lot of other medications, and the worry around medication reactions should try to avoid it.”

Dr. Montogmery says before using CBD products, consult a doctor first.

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