Nina Dobrev’s grandmother has died: ‘My heart hurts’


Nina Dobrev is mourning the loss of her grandmother.

Nina Dobrev's Instagram (c) post

Nina Dobrev’s Instagram (c) post

The ‘Vampire Diaries’ alum took to Instagram recently to reveal the sad news that her grandmother has passed away at the age of 87, as she said 2020 has been “so testing” for so many families.

Alongside a series of pictures of her grandmother, she wrote: “Last night a chapter ended. My heart hurts.

“A year that has been so testing for everyone, just got worse. But despite that I’m trying to find gratitude. I’m so lucky. I have so many beautiful memories with you that keep flashing through my mind like a movie. You taught me so much, and loved us all so deeply in the 87 years that the world was lucky enough to have you in it.

“You were a saint. A nurturer. A protector. A loving mother. A doting grandmother. And now you’re an angel, somewhere that’s undoubtedly better than it is here right now. (sic)”

Nina, 31, was able to visit her grandmother in Sofia, Bulgaria, before she passed away, and added that whilst she knows she was lucky to have the ability to travel amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, it doesn’t make the pain of losing her loved one “any easier”.

She continued: “I had the rare ability to say goodbye. I know that so many this year were not afforded that luxury. That doesn’t make any of this easier, but through the tears, I can appreciate that silver lining. Thank you for hanging on as long as you did, I know it wasn’t easy for you at the end but I’ll cherish those last moments we shared together forever. We love you and will carry you in our hearts for as long as they beat. I miss you Babi.

“Rest In Peace. (sic)”

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