London Hughes Confirmed That Regé-Jean Page Is A “Good Kisser,” And Has Also Been Watching His Sex Scenes On “Bridgerton”

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“It was great.”

London Hughes understands why people can’t stop drooling over Bridgerton star Regé-Jean Page. Not only does he film incredible sex scenes in the show, but she says he knows how to plant a good kiss on someone in real life.

“He’s a good kisser. It was great,” she told Glamour about what it was like to kiss him on-screen one time. “Not a bad day at work at all.”

Hughes explained they worked together on a “sitcom in the U.K that never got made.” And in the show, she had her “first-ever kissing scene” with Page, who made her feel completely comfortable on-camera.

“He made me feel so secure about the kissing scene. I’d never done one before and had a mild asthma attack, and he was such a professional. He’s the best,” she said.

Although they get along well, Hughes noted they’re nothing but “really good friends.” In fact, when his career blew up from Bridgerton, Hughes remembers how great it was to see him succeed.

“It’s really insane seeing your friend go from like 10,000 followers to a million and a half in three days. He’s so sweet and lovely and the best actor,” she said.

The only thing that Hughes wasn’t prepared for was to see Page’s sex scenes in Bridgerton.

“He’s a friend of mine, so I never saw him in that light,” she explained. “But I don’t know if it was the pandemic or whatever, because I know him, but seeing those scenes brought out something in me that was not previously there before.”

“So, yes, the Duke and Duchess’ scenes in Bridgerton are currently my favorite sex scenes,” Hughes added.

She’s definitely not alone!

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