Kumail Nanjiani’s Recent Instagram Started Yet Another Round Of Internet Body-Shaming, And I Am Tired Of It

It’s 2021, can we finally leave body-shaming in the past??

Kumail Nanjiani is going to be in Marvel’s upcoming movie Eternals, and he did what many soon-to-be superheroes have done before and got ripped.

Image Group La / The Walt Disney Company via Gett

He showed off his muscles for the first time in 2019, and we were all very impressed.

He’s been very honest about how hard he worked to achieve his physical transformation, how long it took, and why he wanted to do it to begin with.

Anyway, over the weekend, Kumail posted this pic on Instagram to celebrate the new year.

And SOME PEOPLE turned it into an opportunity to body-shame Kumail, criticizing him for looking “unrecognizable” and making jokes about him using steroids.


I’m not gonna share any of those comments here, but you really feel it’s necessary to see them, you can pop over to Twitter or Kumail’s Instagram.

First thing: If you really believe Kumail looks “unrecognizable” in the second picture, I’m sorry to be the person to tell you this but you need to see an eye doctor.

Getty Images/Kumail Nanjiani

These pictures were taken more than five years apart.

More importantly, let’s leave body-shaming in 2020, shall we? It’s tacky and harmful.

Thankfully, Kumail’s fans quickly shut down the haters and made several excellent points in the process.

Body shaming Kumail Nanjiani for…being jacked? Is way weird. Especially since all the Chris’ have done the same super-soldier program and never got any flack for it. I wonder what the difference is?

06:09 AM – 03 Jan 2021

After Chadwick Boseman’s death there was a lot of talk about “never make fun of people’s bodies, you don’t know what anyone’s going through” but Kumail Nanjiani posts like. an average picture of himself eating dinner and that’s our the window I guess

04:53 AM – 03 Jan 2021

Chris Evans gets jacked for Captain America: “????”

Chris Hemsworth gets jacked for Thor: “????”

Chris Pratt gets jacked for Star-Lord: “????”

Kumail Nanjiani gets jacked for Eternals: “He’s clearly using steroids”

I can’t qwhite see what’s the difference.

07:29 AM – 03 Jan 2021

Kumail Nanjiani looks awesome af and I wish I looked as half as good as him.

Y’all clearly didn’t learn your lessons from making fun of Chadwick Boseman’s physical appearance.

Notice how y’all only make fun of the men of color, but not your white favs.

07:36 PM – 03 Jan 2021

Actor Erin Cummings responded to one of the comments via a Twitter thread, explaining why it’s better to just keep unsolicited comments about a person’s body to yourself.

In summation, if you have something nasty to say about a stranger’s body, sit down and be quiet. Cool? Cool.

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