Kirstie Allsopp causes Twitter uproar after saying children suffering from COVID is ‘very rare’

Kirstie Allsopp enraged Twitter users with comments she made about made about COVID this weekend.

The television personality, 49, who is mostly known for her popular home property shows, urged parents not to overly worry about their children testing positive for COVID-19.

Sharing in view of her some 422,000 Twitter followers, Kirstie tweeted: “COVID is a horrible disease but it is very, very, very rare for it to impact children. They are still at far more danger from journeys in cars, or swimming, or trampolining than COVID. Please do not let anyone persuade you otherwise.”

Kirstie’s tweet caused something of an uproar.

Dozens of angry social media users responded to her remark.

Kirstie Allsopp on lockdown

Kirstie Allsopp on lockdown

Kirstie Allsopp is a bit of a keyboard warrior on Twitter (Credit: ITV)

Kirstie causes Twitter stir

One infuriated Twitter user replied: “Stick to making baubles and leave important stuff to the educated. Teachers are and will die.

“I will never comprehend why the vain and hard of thinking feel they have anything to offer on important issues.”

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While another user ranted: “So my 56-year-old wife will be OK when she has to go in and teach them will she? No, Kirstie, she probably won’t. Close the schools, close everything except essential shops for a month, it’s the only way.”

And a third user raged: “Children are super-spreaders, Kirstie. Whilst most won’t be affected by it, they bring it home to vulnerable family like me.

“Don’t trivialise the seriousness of this virus. 25% of the population are chronically sick and or disabled, then there’s older people.”

Whereas palliative care doctor Rachel Clarke hit back with: “The issue is transmission, Kirstie. Children transmit to their teachers and each other at school, and from there into their homes.

“Parents, siblings and grandparents are then affected. The NHS is overwhelmed. This is much worse than April. Keeping schools open will cost untold lives.”

kirstie 1

Kirstie says she doesn’t want children to be scared about COVID (Credit: SplashNews)

She insists her claims have nothing to do with schools

Her tweet was published on the weekend just before children are set to return to schools.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson urged the nation to send their children back on Monday.

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That’s despite many parents’ concerns for their children’s safety as the mutant COVID strain spreads through the UK.

However, Kirstie has already hit back at the negative responses to her original Tweet.

And she insisted it isn’t to do with schools. She said: “God there are some selfish [bleeps] out there! What is wrong with you all?! I’m not talking about the schools, I’m talking about reassuring children and their parents. This new variant is in no way more dangerous for children and those saying otherwise are wicked.”

Instead, she claims it is in response to a tweet by BBC Radio 5 Live which included a quote from matron Laura Duffel.
[embedded content]

In it, she said that there was a ward full of kids with COVID in a London Hospital.

However, her claims were disputed by some London paediatricians.

For instance, professor Russell Viner, president of the RCPCH, said: “Children’s wards are usually busy in winter. As of now we are not seeing significant pressure from COVID-19 in paediatrics across the UK.”

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