Jenelle Evans: I Hate My Mom! She’s the Explanation I am Such a Psycho!

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More than the course of her time on MTV, Jenelle Evans threatened and abused just about every person she came across.

But if we had to guess, we’d say no a single has received rather as a lot of Jenelle’s wrath as her personal mother, Barbara Evans.

Yes, regardless of the truth that Babs has raised Jenelle’s eldest kid for generally his whole life, the lady just can not catch a break when it comes to her hot-headed daughter.

We’ve observed some vicious blowout fights in between Jenelle and David more than the years, but they can not hold a candle to the Jenelle vs. Babs bouts.

Jenelle and Barbara at Christmas

Following all, Jenelle appears to respect (or at least worry) David, but there is clearly practically nothing holding her back when she goes off on Barbara.

These days, of course, Jenelle is unemployed and will possibly (and hopefully) under no circumstances seem on a reality show ever once again.

But that does not imply her partnership with Barbara has enhanced in the slightest.

In truth, rather the opposite is correct.

Jenelle Trashes Babs

These days Jenelle and Barbara are at war more than custody of Jace.

The battle was produced public when Jenelle claimed that Jace is living with her, and Barbara named her out for lying.

“I have custody of Jace,” Jenelle stated on TikTok whilst attempting unsuccessfully to place an finish to the fight.

Jenelle Evans, Mom and Son

“He lives with me now complete-time. My children are content, they’re healthier. That is all that f*cking matters. But I completely get it, I would hate me as well if I was watching me,” she added.

“But if you catch up with me now, I’m carrying out a lot far better, you guys. Peace, adore, happiness, b-tches.”

To the surprise of no a single, most of that turned out to be untrue.

Jenelle Evans' 2020 Christmas Card

It turned out that Jace was living with Jenelle temporarily simply because of behavioral troubles.

He’s at the moment back with Barbara, and the war in between mother and daughter rages on.

Even fans who have been watching Jenelle for years have been shocked by the ugly nature of this most current battle.

Jenelle Evans and Her Trunk

Following all, the females of the Evans clan are no longer on tv, and so there is no need to have for them to place on a show.

Is it feasible that they genuinely hate every other this a lot? That they truly bicker this intensely even when the cameras are not rolling?

Think it or not, it appears the answer to that query is yes.

Jenelle and Babs Chillin'

“Were any of the fights with your mom scripted? Or was any of the fights scripted on the show?” a TikTok user asked in the course of Evans’ newest Q&ampA.

“Unfortunately, no,” Jenelle answered.

“Sometimes just me and my mom we just do not get along. [We] butt heads.”

Jenelle Evans and Trio of Kids

From there, Jenelle claimed that fans would be “shocked” by the events of her childhood.

And the younger Evans even went so far as to blame Barbara for the flat-out psychotic behavior she demonstrated in her teen years.

“If you understood the way [what] I grew up with you would be shocked,” Jenelle stated.

Jenelle In Retouched Photo

“She is the purpose I acted the way I did. There’s a lot about my mom that you guys will under no circumstances know about.”

It is not specifically a shock that Jenelle is blaming a person else for her horrendous behavior.

That is quite a lot what she does.

Jenelle Evans on Instagram Live

What is remarkable, having said that, is her claim that she and Babara applied to get along swimmingly.

“I would say me and my mom applied to get along,” she continued.

“She applied to contact me the ‘Golden Kid,’ till I turned about like 16. And then we stopped receiving along. I did run away a lot just before I had Jace and just before I was pregnant and didn’t want to listen to guidelines a lot,” Jenelle added.

Jenelle Evans, Barbara Evans, Jace, and Ensley

“And I didn’t realize why my good friends like didn’t have any guidelines to reside by and my mom was like super strict.”

So Jenelle thinks she ended up this way simply because her mother was as well strict?

We suppose that is feasible — but it appears far more probably that she would’ve grown up to be a violent maniac no matter how she was raised.

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