How to Take CBD Oil

how to take cbd oil

Some CBD oil products are made to be swallowed, like capsules, or chewed and swallowed, like gummies or edibles. Some producers even make edibles out of baked goods and beverages. These products can be great—we make CBD capsules and gummies of our own—but the difference between the products that are swallowed and those that are taken sublingually—under the tongue—are in the bioavailability, dosage, and on-set of action.

While CBD oil delivered sublingually enters the bloodstream directly, CBD capsules must first be swallowed and travel through the digestive system and liver before entering the bloodstream. The coating on the capsules helps protect from some of the loss of bioavailability that occurs when you swallow CBD oil by itself. But it does take longer for you to feel any effects from your dosage.

The most important difference, perhaps, between taking CBD oil and taking capsules or other edibles is that with the oil it is much easier to manage and adjust your dosage. Everybody is different and your preferred dosage may have to do with factors like body weight, metabolism, genetics, etc.

A good starting point for most people is 25 mg CBD per day. Keep in mind, though, that initial starting point for you may need to be adjusted to a higher dose or a lower dose based on body weight. It will also be necessary to adjust the mg of CBD dosage as your body acclimates to the new levels of cannabinoids. While you are making adjustments, try bumping your dosage up or down by 5 mg CBD oil and keeping track of how you’re feeling until you arrive at what you decide is the best dose for you. Be sure to give yourself a couple of weeks in between each adjustment to know how you are responding to the change.

This process of starting out and adjusting your dosage is easier when you are using CBD oil and measuring the dosage carefully with the enclosed dropper. Gummies and other edibles may be halved or otherwise divided, but it is less precise. Capsules really can’t be adjusted at all, since they are liquid-filled softgels that cannot be divided.

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