HBO Addresses Lovecraft Nation Controversy More than Production Group Darkening Actor’s Skin Colour

hbo responds actress face darkened

In a TikTok video initially posted back in February, actress Kelli Amirah described her uncomfortable encounter on the set of Lovecraft Nation.

Basically, the makeup division darkened the colour of her skin throughout her time as a background additional, and Kelli felt like she had no energy to cease them from performing this. But this is all Specially cringeworthy to hear about, provided the reality this is a show that seeks to contact out racism.

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Thankfully, on March eight, HBO responded, saying:

“This ought to not have occurred, and we are taking methods to make sure this does not take place once more in the future.”

Hmm. Is it just us or does this not sound sincere sufficient?

Let’s back up a tiny and go into much more detail about what occurred to Kelli. She showed up on set, and gradually but certainly, as she sat in the makeup chair, they darkened her skin to the point exactly where she looked like an totally distinctive individual. Y’all, it was undesirable, and it created the actress really feel SUPER uncomfortable.

On March six, the performer took to Twitter and posted a thread that went into additional detail about what occurred. In a single of the posts, she wrote:

“I had so quite a few conflicting thoughts in my head. This is incorrect. Why did they employ me? I ought to say some thing. What would I say? What would take place? If I hold up this production how a great deal cash goes down the drain? What will be my repercussions?”

Ugh, yeah. The life of an additional is currently challenging sufficient. Can you think about becoming placed in her position exactly where she’s virtually forced to do this??

But even so, Amirah was much more concerned with costing production cash than about herself! That is awesome.

The additional added:

“I didn’t say s – – t. I got extremely quiet and withdrawn and went by way of with the job like a coward. I was selfish and much more concerned with the repercussions of my personal profession alternatively of performing what’s appropriate and not participating in some thing that I knew was incorrect.”

We hate she even has to really feel this way. The issue is, it wasn’t like she was some star who had the energy to demand they cease (even even though she could not have felt comfy even then). There can at times be hundreds of extras for a scene, and the grueling procedure of becoming a background individual commonly consists of permitting them to place makeup on you even so they deem match. Of course, in this case, they went WAY as well far.

Verify out her complete tweet thread beneath:

There’s nonetheless no word but on how else HBO could manage this and make sure practically nothing else of this nature occurs once more.

But what do you all consider? Should really we have much more guidelines or laws that stop points like this from taking place? Drop us a comment beneath!

[Image via TheKelliAmirah/Twitter & HBO/YouTube]

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