General Hospital’s Erin Hershey Presley blasts teacher for letting her kids watch the inauguration


Reply-all situations… not just for office workers!

-An elementary school teacher sent an email to parents saying she was letting her students watch the inauguration
-Erin replied all, putting the teacher on blast, saying: “Why watch a criminal on television? I’d never do that to my children. But thank you.”
-Another parent responded with: “No matter the person taking office, we are lucky to be able to watch moments like this.”
-Erin quickly responded with another reply all, saying … “I don’t think we are lucky at all to watch a flat out joke.”
-She told TMZ she stands by her emails

Here’s a fun little tie-in: She’s married to Brian Presley (fellow soap actor), and yes he is that “Fucking Brian” from this 2012 post. Unlike his wife, he went on to deny everything.


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