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– Elle Fanning (22) will be playing Ali MacGraw in Francis and the Godfather, the film about the generating of The Godfather. In the course of the generating of the The Godfather, MacGraw was married to Robert Evans, who was Paramount’s head of production in the course of The Godfather‘s filming.

– Barry Levinson is directing Francis and the Godfather, had this to say about Elle: “Elle is a single of the most fascinating and versatile actresses out there. I am beyond thrilled that she has joined the terrific cast of ‘Francis &amp The Godfather’ and will bring her special talent to the film.”

– If you do not know Jake Gyllenhaal (40) will be playing Robert Evans, Oscar Isaac (42) will be playing Francis Ford Coppola and Elizabeth Moss (38) will play Coppola’s wife Eleanor.

– Evans (born in 1930) and MacGraw (born in 1939) had a 9 year distinction amongst them (she was 30 when they married in 1969).

– Dakota Fanning will be playing the daughter of Gerald and Betty Ford, Susan in Showtime’s The Initially Lady. Michelle Pfeiffer and Aaron Eckhart will be playing Betty and Gerald.

– “Susan was a teenager in the course of her father’s time in the White Home and is stated to have generally introduced progressive tips to her family members”.

– “Fanning will be a series frequent, appearing in six episodes. The function reunites her with Pfeiffer, with whom she starred in the 2001 film I Am Sam.”

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