Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Is Teaching His Daughter The Power Of Affirmations, And This Is So Sweet

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These two are so cute!

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson wants his daughter Tiana to be the best person she can be. Yesterday, on International Women’s Day, he told her to start telling herself she’s “awesome” and “smart.”

“Can you say, ‘I’m a pretty girl?'” he told her while holding her in his arms on Instagram. And she replied, “I’m a pretty girl.”

“That’s right, and even more importantly than that, can you say, ‘I’m an awesome girl?'” he said, and once again, Tiana adorably repeated after him. “Awesome girl,” she told her dad.

The Jumanji star also got his little girl to say she’s a “very smart girl” and “I can do anything” before he told her to say “Daddy’s the best.”

At first, she did say “Daddy’s the best,” but then she hilariously screamed “Mother” right after, so Johnson said, “No, not Mother. No, you’re ruining the thing. Just, Daddy’s the best.” LOL.

Johnson captioned the video, “She can say ‘Awthum, gurl’ all day long … as long as she knows she’s awesome, that’s all that matters. And her declarative MUDDER!! At the end, seals the whole deal — she knows who the real boss is.”

What a lovely father-daughter duo. With these positive words of affirmation, Tiana will always feel confident in herself.

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