Discover the Trailer for “Death to 2020”, tthe New Movie from The Creators of Black Mirror


Black Mirror Charlie Brooker Death to 2020 mockumentary

Even if we had wanted to imagine it, it would have been impossible to predict all the events of the black year that just passed: Epidemic, Containment, Black Live Matter, Natural Disasters, Yellow Vests, Global Security Law … Jean Castex is currently working on a bill which will restrict access to certain places if you are not vaccinated against Covid-19. A crazy year that will certainly continue in 2021.

The new satire produced by Netflix was developed in the greatest secrecy, it wasn’t even on the show of the week. The fully made documentary from the creators of the Black Mirror series recalls all the events we had to go through with humor and a dash of fiction.

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We will have the pleasure of meeting the very famous Samuel L. Jackson ( Pulp Fiction, Avenger ) as a journalist, Lisa Kudrow ( Friends, Space Force ), Hugh Grant ( Love at First Sight in Notting Hill, Love Actually ), Tracy Ullman ( The Dance graduation ) and Kumail Nanjiani ( Silicon Valley, Stuber ). A solid cast is likely to attract a lot of viewers. We leave you in the trailer of Death until 2020, Available on December 27 on Netflix.

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