Dionne Warwick Had a Big Weekend

First and possibly foremost: This slideshow taught me that Gabrielle Union could and should play Dionne Warwick in a biopic, and hopefully putting that into the universe means it will come to pass.

Second: Dionne Warwick turned 80 on Saturday, the very day she had a whole SNL sketch lovingly parodying her recent foray into social media. If you missed it, then please feast your eyes on these gems, because she seems like a hoot and a half. No, three hoots. SIX. Six hoots and climbing. Behold these small milestones in a great and emotional journey:

Where is the lie? There is none. It’s not there. Anyway, I’m not sure which tweet this next one pertained to, but let’s press on:

And then, the best mic-drop of all time:

I am saving a seat at Drinks With Broads for her. It’s Miss Dionne’s for life.

[Photos: Getty, Shutterstock]

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