Did The Bachelor Basically Tell Us Who Wins Already?

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Nothing like a fantasy suite week to make us feel a weird mixture of swoony and uncomfortable.

The Bachelor star Matt James just invited his final three women to spend the night with him off-camera, and while he had a great time with all three of them, there was one who felt like she got a whole lot more attention than the other two. And we’re not excited about it.

This season continued the new tradition of making the women hang out in the same room before and after their fantasy suite dates, meaning we get to see them react to each other’s comings and goings. That meant that as Michelle and Bri came and went on their fantasy suite dates with Matt, we got to see Rachael panic.

As Matt and Michelle had a spa day in a tub full of milk, we saw Rachael freak out over Matt being with another woman. As Matt and Bri set up a tent, we got Rachael freaking out over Matt being with another woman. Then, as Rachael and Matt tried to make some pottery, we got to see Rachael freak out over Matt having been with other women.

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