Coronation Street SPOILERS: Todd Grimshaw will ‘lose everything’ after Paul Foreman plot is exposed

Coronation Street will see Todd Grimshaw lose everything after his scheming to get ex Billy Mayhew is exposed.

Cruel Todd has been paying a teenager to pretend to be an abuse victim to lure Billy’s boyfriend Paul Foreman in.

18 09 coro paul billy

Todd is determined to split Paul and Billy up (Credit: ITV)

He plans to destroy their relationship and get Paul out of the way for good so he can swoop in.

Now, Corrie producer Iain MacLeod has revealed how it will all play out.

Speaking to ED! and other press, he said: “It’s an incredibly toxic love story.

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“Todd can’t go about anything in a nice, normal way. It has to somehow be torturous, full of machinations and skulduggery.

“There’s bags of that coming up and it’s all really good fun. Todd enjoys his manipulations – that’s the thing I love about him the most. He does whatever is necessary to get his hands on the prize – in this case, that is Billy.

“Todd will set out in a very underhand way to undermine Billy and Paul’s relationship. He will ultimately and temporarily look like he’s got everything he wants.

“Unfortunately, the lengths that Todd has gone to in order to get what he wants, will be the very thing that will be his undoing in the end.

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Todd Grimshaw will stop at nothing to get what he wants (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street’s Todd Grimshaw will lose everything

“Todd gets his happy ending but it’s already got a massive fracture in it. In a very explosive, dramatic – again quite thriller-ish – way later in the year, Todd’s machinations will all come to light and he’ll end up losing everything again.”

And Iain added that Todd will lose his job and be forced to get another one – in the funeral directors.

“Todd being Todd, he’s fairly Teflon,” Iain added.

30 11 coro george leanne nick 1st ep 02

Todd is going to get a job with George (Credit: ITV)

“He’ll lose everything again and then quite quickly set about reacquiring it, or something of equal value. We want to enjoy that character, really.

“We’re conscious that the best villains are ones that you enjoy hating and almost laugh at their sheer audacity. Todd has that capacity to be very funny and enjoyable as a villain.”

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Speaking further about Todd Grimshaw, the Coronation Street boss said: “We’re giving him another arena. We’re giving him a job in the undertakers with George Shuttleworth.

“We thought that could be a brilliant double act, as George is quite big-hearted, kind, warm and funny, while Todd is not!

“If you were casting a sitcom set in that undertakers, what better foil for George than the perpetually scheming Todd?”

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