Brad Pitt Narrates Joe Biden Campaign Ad


By Jamie Samhan.

9 hours ago

Brad Pitt is putting his support behind Joe Biden by lending his voice to a new campaign ad.

The Oscar-winning actor has narrated a commercial that first aired during the World Series game on Saturday.

“America is a place for everyone – those who chose this county, those who fought for it – some Republicans, some Democrats, and most, somewhere in between,” Pitt says in the commercial.

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Pitt continues to say that Americans want an honest, respectful president.

“To work just as hard for the people who voted for him as those who didn’t. To be a president for all Americans,” he adds.

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Pitt is not the first celeb to narrate a commercial for Biden. Sam Elliott helped out on another.

Other celebs to support Biden in other commercials include Mindy Kaling, Kumail Nanjiani and Samuel L. Jackson.

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