Bigg Boss 14: Sonali Phogat’s friend REVEALS her love for Aly Goni is just for the game; says, ‘It is purely a game because she is in the nominations’

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Bigg Boss 14 has been the most talked about show. Politician Sonali Phogat entered the house as a wild card contestant. She was not seen in her first week inside the house. However, post Jasmin Bhasin left, we saw her confessing that she liked Aly Goni. She also had used some unwanted words for Rubina Dilaik and Nikki Tamboli. Salman Khan had bashed her for her words during the weekend ka vaar episode. Now, Sonali Phogat’s friend, Sudhir Sangwan has opened up about her feelings for Aly Goni in an interview with ETimes. He said, “Sonali ji is playing a good game by whatever she is doing. She ran the show the entire last week. She performed very well last week. I think the abusive language that Sonali ji used during the fight with Rubina and Nikki was because she was provoked to give a reaction. I think Arshi Khan and Aly Goni provoked Sonali to take a step like this and kept justifying the latter’s act. Rahul is also involved but he still maintains some decency. Rahul is Aly’s puppet and Arshi Khan is ready to do anything to be just seen on the show.” Also Read – Bigg Boss 14: Do you think Nikki Tamboli crossed the line by using the #MeToo card while arguing with Devoleena Bhattacharjee? Vote now

“It doesn’t matter to her if she is giving good content or bad. She is the one who instigates fights in the house. In fact, she is the one who started this love angle between Sonali Ji and Aly Goni. Since Sonali ji hangs around with them all the time, she has developed a bond with them and a group is formed. Arshi tries to brainwash Sonali ji. And as she has been on the show twice Sonali ji trusts her and even listens to her most of the time, “he added. Sudhir Sangwan says that it was Arshi Khan who created this fake love angle between Aly Goni and Sonali. He said, “Arshi is the one who created this love angle and Rahul Vaidya is playing the supporting cast. If they would have not instigated Sonali ji, she would have not behaved in such a loud and aggressive manner. She is a very soft hearted person and has never said anything wrong to anyone you can check too. She can’t hear wrong things or abuse someone and on national television it is next to impossible for her. But all these things happened with Sonali ji and Arshi Khan, Aly Goni. I think Arshi’s bad nature and behaviour rubbed off on Sonali ji. We all know she doesn’t have tameez to talk to people. She is vulgar in everything.” Also Read – Bigg Boss 14: Nikki Tamboli is BADTAMEEZ, say fans – view poll result

He says that Sonali is now back on track and was earlier, Arshi, Aly and Rahul’s puppet. He shared, “Now, I am happy she’s stable and has understood that these things are not working in her favour. She is playing well in the last two, three days. They are treating her like a puppet. They first figured her weak points and strengths then they started using her as per their convenience. She came on the show as a powerful personality and if you see during the second week Salman Khan blasted everyone but he did not say anything to Sonaliji. He praised her that she is doing well. It was a compliment but they influenced her that she should do something to be seen.” Also Read – Bigg Boss 14: Neha Marda REVEALS Jasmin Bhasin was her favourite; says, ‘I was shocked she got evicted’

Sudhir Sangwan says Sonali’s love for Aly is on for the game. He reveals, “I strongly believe that Sonaliji is not attracted to Aly Goni and she is doing all this for the game. There’s no love angle and it is purely a game because she is in the nominations. She knows very well who she is. Sonali ji represents a national party, why will she do something like this. Since Rakhi was creating her love angle, these people also suggested Sonaliji to do something like this. Just imagine is it possible that Jasmin got evicted and Aly Goni had such a massive outbreak and one hour later, Sonali ji is telling that she likes Aly Goni. It was all planned. She walked in as a strong contender and Arshi feared that Sonali might go ahead in the game so she tried to brainwash her. They changed her path. Sonali ji doesn’t know that they are mocking her. Recently, Aly Goni was telling her it’s fine to have feelings, people will like it and she should not bother about negative comments. She should also not bother about her political career. Sonaliji wants to play her game but they force her to talk about it. Arshi and Aly are always seen discussing the love angle. Sometimes, even Rahul also does this. She doesn’t know when she is not there they mock behind her back and this will create her negative image.”

Sudhir says that Aly Goni is spoiling Rahul Vaidya’s game. He said, “I don’t think apart from Sonali and Rubina there is any other strong player who sticks on their ground. I just pray that she maintains distance from Aly, Arshi and Rahul. I don’t think she should become her puppet. Aly and team need her on their side. I feel Sonali ji should use her brain and the things they are making her do, she should avoid doing it. Sonali is a strong lady and she doesn’t need anyone’s support. They try to portray people negatively like Nikki Tamboli but that girl has survived 106 days in the show and it is not an easy thing. She is playing her individual game. Whatever they say but she does what she feels. She is not like Arshi and Aly; they are surviving only because of groups. Aly came for Jasmin and she is out of the game and he’s still in. Now, he’s ruining Rahul’s game. Aly’s motive is to win the game and he doesn’t care about relationships or who is getting insulted.”

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