Beck From “Victorious” Shared That He Actually Doesn’t Remember A Single Thing From The Series, And Honestly, Same

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“How bizarre…”

If you were a tween during the early 2010s, then you probably remember watching the hit Nickelodeon show Victorious.

Nickelodeon / Courtesy Everett Collection

The series followed Tori Vega and her ~wacky~ friends, who all attended a performing arts high school.

Avan Jogia, who played Beck Oliver, recently took to TikTok to admit that he actually doesn’t remember a single storyline from the series.

However, he does remember going out partying every night.

He even went on to defend his fickle memory by saying “Life is long and weird.”

How bizarre?

Of course, Victorious fans had something to say about it:

Some tried to remind him of the show’s super weird storylines, and Avan kiiiiiiiiinda remembered:

Some compared the show to a fever dream…and Avan totally agreed:

And some even affirmed his jumbled-up memory, for which he was grateful:

In conclusion, how bizarre!

Watch Avan’s whole TikTok here, and if you also can’t remember a single Victorious storyline, just know that Seasons 1–3 are currently streaming on Netflix.

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