“Ban” On Girl Scout Cookie Sales Outdoors Dispensaries Overturned

Girl scout cookies and cannabis dispensaries

In the USA, enterprising girl scouts have enjoyed roaring trade promoting their cookies outdoors of recreational and healthcare cannabis centres (go figure). But it hasn’t been with out its upsets.

On the 1st weekend of this month, a girl scout troop set themselves up promoting cookies in front of The Greenhouse of Walled Lake, a legal healthcare and recreational marijuana dispensary and provisioning center in Oakland, Michigan. The girls sold extra than 1,000 boxes.

It was such a hit that The Greenhouse invited other troops to return final weekend. On the other hand, it seems Girl Scouts of Southeastern Michigan council discovered out about it and stopped the occasion from taking place, suggesting it was against policy.

“It just does not make sense,” the leader of the troop to sell cookies at the place reportedly stated. “All we wanted to do was raise dollars for horse camp. It is just cookies, you know?”


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The Greenhouse didn’t let matters lay there. Dispensary owner Jerry Millen apparently sent out a press release stating in element:

“The Greenhouse of Walled Lake is a legal entity and a important contributor to the neighborhood. Scouts are noticed all the time promoting these scrumptious treats in front of grocery shops, liquor shops, and so on. I am hoping that these people reconsider their position.”

Subsequently, the Girl Scouts of Southeastern Michigan stated there had been a ‘misunderstanding’ and there was no such policy.

But although the ‘ban’ was nonetheless in spot, The Greenhouse purchased 300 boxes of cookies from the girls and gave a free of charge box to each and every consumer although they lasted. But with the pseudo-ban now out of the way, the business enterprise is once more inviting troops to arrange a weekend day to set up a stall and no doubt they’ll get a lot of interest provided prior accomplishment.

The “misunderstanding” turned out to be a very good news story in the finish and surely generated some very good PR for The Greenhouse but it does highlight the stigma linked with legal cannabis will linger for pretty a although to come.

….sad to say there are nonetheless some out there with the old “Reefer Madness” mindset,” stated The Greenhouse although the predicament was unfolding.

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