Ashlee Simpson shares struggles with breastfeeding


Ashlee Simpson says breastfeeding her new baby boy has been challenging.

Ashlee Simpson's Instagram post

Ashlee Simpson’s Instagram post

The 36-year-old singer and her husband Evan Ross welcomed their son Ziggy Blu Ross into the world in October 2020 and although the tot “latched right away” he has been “crying and spitting up after almost every feed” which left her questioning herself and not knowing what she should do to help her baby feed more comfortably.

In an Instagram post discussing her breastfeeding issues, she wrote: “I have loved breastfeeding my children. Ziggy latched right away and has been nursing like a champion from the start. It was going so well until I noticed how uncomfortable he was, crying and spitting up after almost every feed. “Luckily, he was still gaining weight but I was left feeling confused and guilty. Was it me? Could it be something I was eating? How do I soothe him? I really wanted to make him feel better without taking over-the-counter medication.”

Ashlee – who also has five-year-old daughter Jagger with actor Evan and 12-year-old son Bronx with her ex-husband Pete Wentz, who is the bassist for Fall Out Boy – was able to get some much-needed reassurance from other mothers by logging onto parenting app Peanut.

She added: “The advice I read online was really overwhelming so I decided to look on the @peanut app. The breastfeeding groups on the app were full of other moms sharing their stories and experiences. Being able to hear honest advice and loving support really helped me know that I’m not alone. As a mom of three, each baby has been so different. There are always little challenges and questions that we face throughout motherhood, and @peanut is a great community to find support and comfort from other moms. I encourage any moms, expectant moms and women trying to conceive to join the app.”

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